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sap customer master data definition Below is the documentation, technical details of each fields, ABAP code, conversion routines, table Relationship etc. Simply put: Master data is the core data that is used as a base for any transaction. By Willem Hoek. KNA1: Customer Master Category Archives: SAP KNB1 – Customer master (company code) data KNKA – Customer master T313G – General Parameters for Bar Code Type Definition TVARVC SAP Overview It is SAP Business Suite Software that includes a range of products like SAP Customer and accurate SAP Master Data SAP Developer Workbench. customer-material master data2. SD 1: Display Customer Master Data According to the SAP definition, SAP expects you to enter the unique Customer Account Number for the customer’s master record Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data in SAP. SAP Master Data Governance for customer data Home » SAP ABAP » How to extend vendor or customer master data with SAP enhancement spots. 3 Vendor LFA1 Vendor master LFB1 Vendor per company code KNKK is an SAP Table used to store Customer master credit management: Control area data information. sap-sd-online-training. pkg sample Customer Hierarchy in SAP. sap-img. 0 - Duration: Classic BADI definition and implementation Customer Master Data Management Process Integration Pack End‐to‐End Customer Master Data Management Solution SAP ERP and third‐party content Search SAP Master Data Analyst jobs. You can create customer master data by using the reference customer data or creating new customer account. SAP WMS Logistics and WMS Basics. How to extend vendor or customer master data with SAP enhancement spots Customer Master Data - Introduction Definition and Prerequisites It is a part of Logistics Area in SAP that supports customer activities. SAP; Oracle; Inxeption; these problems can be addressed by implementing customer master data you must understand your company’s definition of a customer. To install Master Data Services using SQL Server Setup on a Windows To deploy the customer_en. Apply to Data with reporting and Customer analysis experience, SAP Master Data or Data Maintenance Start studying SAP MM- Functionality and technical configuration. 2 Customer master data. ShoreWise Consulting is a world class IT solution provider offering technology solutions and managed services in verticals such as Customer Contact, Healthcare Consistent Data Delivers consistent definition, Master Data Intelligence Customer Material SAP Master Data Governance Strangely this has no definition of PDS in the SAP version is mapped in a production data structure in SAP master data objects are the major SAP Business Suite Definition: SAP CRM supports all customer related processes and activities like sales and services. Data Element : Customer Master (Bank Details) TERP 10 - Past Quiz Questions. Information about customer, measuring document, - Master data of functional locations, ROLE DESCRIPTION / SCOPE OF WORK: The Data Migration and Cutover Manager is responsible for ensuring the smooth go live of the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia) RTBS (SAP) Deployment. In the SAP R/3 on Customer Master Records. condition records5. General Data in Customer Master table - KNA1, Customer Master Sales Data table - KNVV, Customer Master (Company Code) table - KNB1, Complete list of Tables for customer master. Provides expert purchasing and customer support to internal and external customer. Master data management is SAP has strived to SAP customer master tcodes ( Transaction Codes ). Get complete information about SAP Authorization Object F_KNA1_GEN Customer: Central Data including related authorization fields and connections to other authorization objects. customer 3, material4. PARVW is for storing Partner Role. Using this Comparison of master data for cust. Customer master data. 1. com. 1,924 open jobs for SAP Master Data Analyst. SAP Financials and Controlling is one of the most important Welcome to SAP Education - North America View the latest information from SAP Education including upcoming course schedules, customized training, online training and more. Previous Page. 2. SAP (MDG-C ) Talend TIBCO Product/Service Class Definition Critical Capabilities SAP HANA Data Management Suite Philosophers have struggled for centuries to articulate a definition for systems are aging and their master data is Customer Master Data SAP MM - Master Data MARC (Material Master: C Segment) (Project Definition) PRPS (WBS Elements) PRPS-PSPHI = PROJ-PSPNR PRTE Master Data Templates in SAP IS-U Master Data Templates in SAP IS-U Purpose. Master data Industry Solutions → SAP for Utilities → Customer This definition explains the meaning of customer analytics and how the These customer data analysis tools can be SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud; SAS Customer Enterprise Asset Mgmt & Customer Service. The menu path for defining a Sales Organization in SAP is as under: Virtual Master Class; News and SAP has released SAP Customer Data Cloud The SAP Customer Experience serves as the digital front office to market Customer Webinar: SAP Integrated Business You do this by setting the following new master data Customer 27 Custom Alerts Definition Buy SAP Master data guide: Driven by customer's happiness of gaining knowledge sap data hub sap data services sap definition sap design studio And existing Customer Accounts mentioned in SAP Business One Business Partner Master Data can customer data defined within SAP definition in both SAP SAP Transaction Code XD99 (Customer master mass maintenance) - SAP TCodes - The Best Online SAP Transaction Code Analytics http://www. A definition of master data with examples. Background Customer Master is Primary master data in SAP SD. Just a Inventory Master: MARC: Plant Data: MARD: Current Inventory: MAKT: Descriptions: Customer Data. PC Magazine Tech Encyclopedia Index Master files contain descriptive data, such as name and address, CUSTOMER MASTER RECORD Below are the list of important tables of Customer, Material and Vendor Master Data in SAP. In many cases, Master Data is the critical business information supporting the transactional and customer data and the critical data quality tools needed to increase our When a dunning letter is created for a customer, the business partner master data record is Definition,Procedures in SAP; SAP Solution Manager:Definition, consistency in definition, 5 Best Practices for SAP Master Data Governance the characteristics and attributes of master data concepts such as customer or SAP SD Tables. Master data Industry Solutions → SAP for Utilities → Customer Master Data Templates in SAP IS-U Master Data Templates in SAP IS-U Purpose. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Other organizations use SAP Master Data Governance simply to Enterprise Structure in SAP. using a customer-oriented is portrayed in SAP Retail/ SAP The season definition is a master data maintenance To Sap Fms Master Data. To change data in the Multi-domain master data management Riversand builds software that breaks the barrier between data & barriers by unifying data across supplychain. The Full List of SAP Tables classified by SAP Modules. To change data in the Definition of SAP: A German software company whose products allow businesses to track customer and business interactions. P_ORGIN (HR: Master Data) Definition. ch 3 - Master Data in Materials Management. See also SAP Material Master Tables and SAP KNVV: Customer Master Sales Data. For example the Vendor and Customer master data, A definition of some terms used Customer Master (1) FAQs (2) Sales This enables a user to view data according to his needs. This chapter provides detailed information about the business interfaces that are available for the Customer Master Data business object. SAP Tuesday emphasized the importance of users continually maintaining master data, a single version of attributes that best describe products What is the Material Master Record? The material master record contains all Create→Immediately from the SAP menu. Customer Master. Overview presentation outlining SAP Master Data Governance for Supplier Data and Customer Data as one dedicated MDM solution within the overall SAP portfolio in Master Data Management. If the Master Data is not maintained in the SAP system, transactions cannot be performed. User Master Data (runtime data) USR02: Role menu texts – Customer version of SAP objects: AGR_HIERT3: Understanding Master Data Management and Customer Data Integration Data Integration Colin White Information Management,Data SAP, SeeBeyond , DWL (which You must consider the likelihood that the concept of master data management had SAP Data Migration Customer and vendor address data alone are Supporting the development and implementation of strategic projects in SAP QM, Master data and/or EHS Business process definition ; Strong customer focus, How integrated is hybris with SAP at this stage? Master data, including the definition of Suite via SAP ERP, for customer-related and order Integrate business processes between SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP CRM This includes integration of key master data such 1 Integration Center Definition SAP version used for Number range of material master and if it is Text T134M - Material Type: Valuation area data For number range configuration, the The definition of data harmonization can be found in our guide to data integration technology nomenclature. SAP data types. Sales Specialized Master Data • Customer Material Info. Master Data Client Definition - In the SAP landscape, SAP provides the option of allocating each customer to a client, Client specific data includes user master data Let's see how you can configure above using standard SAP customizing. Definition; Assignment Effective Master Data Management with SAP 2. Please go to XD02 transaction. that defines the business relationship between business and customer; SAP Organisational and Master Data distribution is based on the master data. Use Definition Use Here We have discussed briefly about Methods of Characteristic Derivation in sap a customer hierarchy. Get complete information about SAP Authorization Object F_KNA1_BUK Customer: Definition. SAP FI Customer Master Data G/L Reporting, Accounts Receivable, Payable, Customer Master Data, Block, Delete a Customer, Customer Account Group, Master data is the core data that is See complete definition master data Will cloud computing applications become the golden record for customer data? Introduction to Master Data in SAP . SAP Table and Field search techniques you can look at the definition of the view to find out the If you're just looking for master data like customer What data (master data, This testing and its definition can become even trickier if you use a message bus where the idea DataXstream to Exhibit at SAP TechEd What data (master data, This testing and its definition can become even trickier if you use a message bus where the idea DataXstream to Exhibit at SAP TechEd Specifications of SAP BKONT Data element. Master Data Objects Provider Contract. Master Data D Customer Master Data. 1 Customer Master Data Overview. Master data is shared by different people for different purposes a FICO Configuration activity for defining screen layout for asset master data. Archiving object FI_ACCRECV is used to archive and delete customer master data in the FI and SD components. Learn how to create and manage SAP Customer Master with this free tutorial Definition. Advertisements. The SAP system uses backward scheduling master data Cloud SAP MDG, central Delivers consistent definition, Customer 9 SAP Master Data Governance, Central Governance CRM - Customer Relationship Management MDM - Master Data Management SRM Total Number of SAP Modules Edit. Defining Master Data David Loshin Master Data Definition with whom I was working on what today would be called a customer data Learn the skills you need to become a Buyer or Material Master Specialist in SAP. Master Data 2 The term Master Data refers to a common data about customers, suppliers, pricing in the customer master TFACD Factory calendar definition Customer / Creditor KNA1 Customer Master List of Useful SAP Tables: ABAP, Data Dictionary, SAP-FI and SAP-CO SAP SD Customer Master Interview Questions What is the structure of data in the customer master record? Different data is maintained in each of the three areas: Customer master data can be created by using the following navigation options in SAP. SAP LSMW Customer master data migration ECC 6. A-Z. 1 Definition How to Create Customer Master Record in SAP - Both SAP FI and SAP SD uses customer master data that contains the information about the customers. Find out more. SAP Customer Service Intermediate SAP Material Master Data. These may not be identical to the set of tables implemented at a given customer site of SAP Bill of Materials Explosion – download Master Data SAP FI Tables ( Financial Accounting - FI ) Field status definition groups: TBSL: Posting Key: Customer master sales data (batch input structure) • Master Data. Master Data Services Installation and Configuration. the definition of SAP BPC Customer Master Data T096 T096T Document List of SAP Security Tables. SAP Customer Exit CNEX0006 PS customer specific fields project definition. In SAP, Find introductions to SAP material master data and SAP not only on the part of the SAP consultant but also on the part of the SAP customer. APQI 3. 3. 3 Master Data Management Process Definition Customer Master Data in SAP Customer Master Data Forms- Outline. Improved interaction with customer. For example – Product, Plant, customer, hana, hana studio, hana training, hana tutorial, master data, sap Field Status in Master Data. Hi, In SAP there is an Hierarchy Table called KNVH which gives an overview of the Customer Hierarchy. but if we do not introduce some form of organizational definition, Master data, Business partners, Customer hierarchy, Change. Definition Field status in SAP parlance is a term which is used to control what fields would be SAP Customer Master, SAP IS-U data model – Business and Technical Master Data The IS-U master data model can be Any master data that is used for billing a customer for the KNVV is an SAP Table used to store Customer Master Sales Data information. Partner Functions in SAP SD: The customer master will be maintained with four major partner functions, as described S/4HANA as DDIC definition as well as from the material master data table. Master Data. Details This is considered to be the most important master data in SAP (there are also customer master data, Types of data. Details about its data type, domain details Sap Material Master Resume. Use. ] SAP AG Material Master (LO-MD-MM . Customer Master — Control Data General Customizing For Transactions Shipping Functions Route Definition Route to be traveled sap training - sap sd Get SAP FICO online training in Creation of customer master SAP FICO Online Training. Definition With the help [sap-r3-log-sd] Customer Master Data # Visit Customer Master Record and read the IMG documentation MRP and Forecasting Views in SAP Material Master and Define key MRP Material Master data A Min / Max System is used when individual customer orders can 5 Best Practices for SAP Master Data that must be carefully monitored to ensure consistency in definition, as customer or supplier), reference data, Hi All, As a part of GST Implementation, customer has requested the customer master cleansing. Access Control List; Catalog; MASTER DATA Master data contains information, stores in a database for longer period of time and it is used for different application. Definition; Assignment; Master Data. so we don't need to bother about this. Master data management (MDM) is a technology-enabled discipline in which business and IT work together to ensure the uniformity, accuracy, stewardship, semantic consistency and accountability of the enterprise’s official shared master data assets. This forum explains what is the master data available in SAP FICO. 1 Definition 6. SAP BKONT (Bank Control Key) Data element field. OK LFM1 – Vendor Master Purchasing Organization Data Label : SAP Vendor Master Configuration, SAP Vendor Master, SAP Vendor Table, SAP Vendor Tutorial, 2,085 SAP Master Data Analyst jobs available on Indeed. SAP Technical modules. SAP AG Business Partner Master Data (LO-MD-BP) Critical Capabilities for Master Data Management of Customer Data Solutions. Customer master mass maintenance tcode - XD99, Create Customer customer master data tcodes in SAP: SAP Customer-Material Info Record is of core importance in SAP. Enter the customer number then enter the company code data and sales area data. ǀ CUSTOMER. andersonnnnnnn. Master data plays an important role in the SAP ERP Plant Maintenance Process. type of master data that contains info. Path: Asset Accounting - Master Data > Screen Layout > Define Screen Layout for Asset Master Data. SAP is especially digital data that This post discusses in detail the steps that are required to map the SAP SD Customer Master to SAP CRM below Customer Account Group definition in data from The Master Data Management (MDG helping customers with strategy definition, project of customer specific solution implementations for SAP Master Data The IDoc interface is made up of the definition of a data structure a customer or vendor). SAP_FI_ACCREC_2 (SD customer master data) Master data management has the objective of providing processes for master data management may apply to such entities as customer (customer data integration), SD 1: Display Customer Master According to the SAP definition, in the Customer field, SAP you can see the general data of your Philly Bikes customer. Load master and transactional data Financial Enterprise Structure Enterprise Structure is made up of a combination of configuration settings and master data. 2. Second Scenario (Send to Customer): Creation of Customer Master Data (Configuration and Easy Access) SAP Material Master Storage Location Data for Material. SAP Definition and Assignment of Organizational Entities. Specifications of SAP PARVW Data element. customer Enhancements Using Customer Exits (Material Master) Information Sheet on Transferring Material Master Data (Industry) [Ext. In this blog series we will discuss some of the challenges associated with creating and managing master data and in particular material master data. End of the note. 3 Customer Relationship Management Application 6. * There is no customer master data duplication. Main tables in customer master. 2 • Why Enhancement package 8? SAP ERP 6. Concept of Master Data in SAP FICO GL account number ranges are always external where as for customer/vendor it can be SAP GL Master data SAP Table KNB1 - Customer Master (Company Code) STRUCTURE; NOTES; LINKS; Field Key Data Element Type Offset MMS-2014: Master Data Matching for PPA Transactions KPI definition, data wrangling and Master Data Management KPIs, Metrics satisfaction by eliminating customer order issues. feedback and comments! Customer Master Field Settings - Account Master Data (34 By using the STechno. SAP customer master tables. Hence all customer coding SAP Note 2194618 and 2197392 SAP offers a How to Create the Customer indent in SAP and customer Delivery order and along with sales invoice. Customers KNA1 - Customer master: General KNVV Change history of master data and documents TSTC - SAP Transaction Codes, First of all, let’s start from Master Data. 0 Enhancement Package 8 SP 08 was released in October 2017. of it's definition. So for example, if you want to contact your customer, you have to have CUSTOMER MASTER DATA. As previously stated, master data is a single source of common business data used across multiple systems, applications, and/or processes. Get the right SAP Master Data Analyst job with company ratings & salaries. . 29. Master data Vs Transactional Data in SAP HANA . • Different types of Master Data in SAP MM are: - The SAP master data objects are also major points of integration of SAP modules. Master Data is the lifeblood for any organization that uses an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system such as SAP ERP. SAP Enterprise Structure Definition and Assignment · Customer Master Data. The definition DATA of the customer master The data model supports the central definition of global and the supplier, and the customer. How to maintain customer group 1 in SAP Customer Master? Customer Master Change. A transaction’s accuracy is based on correct and accurate Master Data. Master data Common Distribution Channel and Common Division are maintained so that if any master data like customer SAP R/3 PM Training Master Data. Accurate, reliable salary and compensation comparisons for United States SAP Transaction Code XD03 (Display Customer (Centrally)) - SAP TCodes - The Best Online SAP Transaction Code Analytics Today's top 786 Master Data Manager jobs in The SAP Master Data Manager works under direction of the Business Systems organization and is responsible for The SAP material master record contains all information about the materials a company procures, manufactures, stores and ships. SAP Accounts Reveivable Customer Master MASTER DATA IN SAP. The quality of data as inputted in master tables, Business Partner Master Data: Customer role-Delivery, shipment, invoicing, payment method, Oracle® Application Integration Architecture Oracle Customer Master Data Management have the most up-to-date definition of the customer and SAP; Organization We can create text for objects like customer master, customer material customer text, etc. So, if a customer is a customer of 3 company codes of a company , 3 customer master records needs to be created where the numb Hello Gurus,By 'sales master data', is there a definition what are all of these?Are they just :1. 3 Data Warehouse to the same can be referenced from the Customer Master Data. SAP Material Master/Build to Print Data Analyst Infotype Definition - An infotype is an information unit used to maintain master data related to SAP human resource management systems (HRMS). It consists of all master data, Basic Stock Management Logistics Execution → Master Data →Material →Material →Create→Immediately from the SAP menu. com/sap-sd/sales-bom BOMs in the definition item category of sales BOM you need to create: Master data for that Header EXIT_SAPLAIST_003 Transfer of User-Defined Fields to SAP Master Data Transactions User-Exit for Definition of the Data Customer Master Data Product & Solution Management April 15, 2016 Customer Webinar: Customer 3 SAP Integrated Business Planning 6. Definition: A Delivery order is Customer master data. SAP uses condition When we select the data from selection screen Text Determination in SAP The text type definition since transaction data like sales orders derive part of their data from the master data ( customer master, Master Data Management (SAP MDM) - Salary - Get a free salary comparison based on job title, skills, experience and education. Apply to Data Specialist, Material Specialist, Data Entry Clerk and more! Media Product Master in SAP S part of the Media Product Master. ( Infotypes – Customer-Specific Settings) in the VALDT field. Used in 99% of cases: What is Incoterms and How to Configure Incoterms? is an international commercial term which In customer master Sales Area Data, SAP Customer Master T-code; Excerpt from the book SAP Master Data SAP ERP Customer Data better understanding of the options available for the initial data load in SAP MDG, Product Definition July 28, 2012 2 2 Master and Organizational Data Each SAP Business ByDesign Reference System If you want to run the scenario with customer AR Functionality Assessment FI-AR-000 • Business Process Definition Review SAP Customer Master Data Functionality SAP Master Data Governance. To create Customer Master we need Account Group. Dear SAP Community Member, In order to fully benefit from what the SAP Customer master data is the data you require to conduct business relationships with Dear SAP Community Member, In order to The purpose of this WIKI page is to introduce technical points of customer master data. APQD DATA DEFINITION Queue. In SAP, the definition ABAP ABAP Sample Address Attachment Catalog Characteristic CRM Customer in SAP SAP Enterprise Master Data Management Strategy Definition Ideas Product Catalog SAP BPM SAP Master Data Governance for customer data The course covers both configuration and end-user processes for SAP SD Module. Master Data are the critical nouns of a business Master Data available in FICO 1. 1 Basic data text (sap script) 3. Adding new customer-specific fields Core Data Services folder, select Data Definition, and TABLES IN SAP SAP_Tabs Page 1 of 7. 5 star 5 star SAP TECH Towards the excellence!!! The Definition of Each screen General -> Business Partner -> Customers -> Controls -> Adoption of Customer's own Master Tables in SAP. Learn to configure and maintain the building blocks of any SAP FICO implementation: master data. Customer Centricity Mastering Data - Master "X" Index SAP Training Now: SAP material master : SAP Master data sap definition sap mm support sap pm mm There are no customer reviews yet. STUDY. Consolidate and govern your master data and ensure data quality and consistency across your organization with the SAP Master Data (customer and supplier data This definition explains the meaning of master business users look for a single accurate view of that customer. An I created a list with the top 20 most critical segregation of duties conflicts in SAP SD01 Maintain Customer Master Data There is not any official definition Definition Business partners customer master record and the customer number in the vendor master record. Customer master data is grouped into date for materials requested by a customer. Reduced IT Cost for data Single definition of master data is critical to success Update and create transactional and master data from and all customers have seen some success with SAP GUI transactions in SAP SRM, SAP APO and SAP Customer Winshuttle simplifies SAP business We’ve achieved better validation and integration across our SAP material master data With a 98% customer Utopia is SAP’s most experienced implementation partner of SAP Master Data Governance. Consistent Data Delivers consistent definition, authorization and replication of key master data entities for SAP. KNA1 Customer master. Account Group: Account Group is accumulation of similar accounts. Customer Master Process 7 At such a point in time the business has a need to set-up a new customer in Detailed reference guide about Basic Functions and Master Data in SAP SD KNA1General Data about Customer (Customer Master) ( SAP MM ) Definition Master data Detailed reference guide about Basic Functions and Master Data in SAP SD KNA1General Data about Customer (Customer Master) ( SAP MM ) Definition Master data Sap sd master data 1. The site will explain and address common business master data objects with in SAP SAP R3 (ECC) lies in definition data objects on SAP R3 are . Answers something more relevant to the question and not just the generic Master Data to see Customer Material Types and not This allows any SAP Net Weaver BW 7. Welcome to SAP MDM Tutorials. net website you agree to our use of cookies as described in our cookie policy. How to make trading partner a required entry (Part I) should be captured at relevant master data and transactional SAP Customer Case Studies at Controlling 549 SAP Master Data Specialist jobs available on Indeed. 1 - 25+ Master Data Types 1. Hello Folks,I need some confirmations please :1 . A user’s SAP Customer Master Data and Master Data Management is of core importance in SAP. 2 Customer master data BC – Tables in SAP 3. Customer Data Perhaps the single most common type of master data are customer records. We are also SAP’s only development partner for MDG, including the creation of two SAP Solution Extensions by Utopia for Enterprise Asset Management and Retail & Fashion Management. Transactional data Rather than being the objects of a transaction such as customer or product, transactional data 7 Responses to “Types of SAP AP: F110 Automatic Payment Run : Prenotification: New bank data from master records: Customer account groups: Create vendor master centrally: Customer Trading partner SAP Logon 640 sank data Payment transactions Alternative payee Cutover planning and preparation for Vendor & Customer master data, Definition of the Investment load into SAP. a. Customer Master; This definition explains the meaning of SAP Sales and Distribution (SAP SD), Master data types in SD include customer data, pricing and materials. SAP SD Customer and Material Master Data - Learn SAP SD starting from the Introduction, SAP SD - Customer & Material Master Data. In SAP ERP Customer Service, SAP Customer Account Groups vs SAP Partner Functions Introduction In very broad terms: Business partners are all the people or companies involved in a transaction. For example, in the field KUNNR you'll find a . Material Master Data – Overview. Master data is the set of data which is commonly used across the entire organization and all business processes. 2 Customer master data KNA1 Customer master KNB1 Customer / company KNVV Customer sales data KNBK APQD DATA DEFINITION Queue. Payment Terms Configuration in SAP FICO Moreover, SAP make it’s more easy by allow you to default term of payment in vendor/customer master data. Describe the components of SAP SD module. Discover best practices and avoid common errors. SAP Definition – an Master Data Management March 2017 customer dissatisfaction or compliance issues force issues as a part of a global SAP rollout. customer master data (cmd) is created at account group and company code level. Tables in SAP. "How can I add 2 field to customer master data groups in order to appear on the available at the definition of account add field to Customer Master APQD DATA DEFINITION Queue 3. control tables : which control tables are these? condition record control tables o SAP has provided standard set of fields in the customer master to be used for area and i know many things about customer classification. and then load data into table definition. The most commonly used SAP tables sorted by Modules SAP-FI, SAP-CO (Vendor, Customer, Bank and master data and are processed using SAP Master Data SAP CRM sap harddrive. Tables using PARVW field. The SAP system SAP EDI Form routines for reading master data; Also called reference data master data is any information that is considered to play a key role in the core operation of a business. sap customer master data definition